Brúnir Horse: A family farm

We are a small family-run company, based on the farm Brúnir in Eyjafjordur, North Iceland. We are a family of four, Einar and Hugrún with our twin daughters, Guðbjörg and Þórhildur. We all share the interest of horse breeding.

Our main breeding mare is Birta from Brúnir, her father is Adam from Meðalfell and her mother is Sokka from Brúnir. The main goal of our breeding is to breed charming and beautiful horses, with five gaits, good speed and above all with good temperament and spirit. Many stallions have been used at Brúnir.

We have opened our doors to guests that are interested in learning about the unique Icelandic horse. We organise professional shows where the Icelandic horse is introduced in its natural environment and its history and unique qualities are brought to life with emphasis on the horse‘s multiple skills and diversity.

Brúnir Horse also houses a studio and an exhibition area where our guests can view the farmer’s paintings that are on show and for sale. Additionally, the works of other artists will be on show from time to time. Our visitors can enjoy local cuisine on the premises in our small and homely café. We have soups, salads and light courses along with coffee and desserts. We make our food primarily with fresh ingredients from the region.

We hope that you will be able to stop at Brúnir Horse on your journey around Eyjafjord.  You will learn about the uniques Icelandic horse and get an insight into the every day life of Icelandic farm life.



Brúnir Horse

Brúnir, 601 Akureyri
VSK 128715, kt: 2306603879