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Brúnir Horse houses a studio and an exhibition area where guests can view the farmer’s paintings that are on show and for sale. 

Additionally, the works of other artists will be on show from time to time. Those exhibitions will be advertised simultaneously.


Einar graduated from the Gravure Institute of the Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts in 1996. He is an artist and art teacher and owned a gallery for some year. Along with teaching, his interests lie in arts and horse breeding. Horses have been prominent in his gravure and paintings, allowing him to combine his interests in his art. He has also produced artworks of iron and driftwood.

Einar lives with his family at the farm Brúnir in Eyjafjordur, Iceland. His wife and two daughters all share his interest in horse breeding. The main breeding mare at Brúnir is Birta from Brúnir, her father is Adam from Meðalfell and her mother is Sokka from Brúnir. The main goal of our breeding is to breed charming and beautiful horses, with five gaits, good speed and above all with good temperament and spirit.